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I have a DIV element where I can add and remove contents from it, and based on my readings, the scrollHeight property is a measure of the DIV's content height. I have a portion of javascript code that sets the DIV to a specific height based on the scrollHeight property:

  if (div.scrollHeight <= 25)
  { = "25px";
  else if (div.scrollHeight > 25)
  { = "50px";

The code works with IE6 and IE7, but when it is run in IE8, once the style height is set to a value of 50px, the scrollHeight property keeps returning a value of 50px even though I removed some of the DIV's content to make it fit a 25px height. So the problem is that the size of the DIV does not contract to the smaller size after its expansion under IE8. May I get help with fixing this up?

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Maybe some of the elements are not totally removed from IE's nodelist? Try to set them as null and then reload the content.

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