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I am trying to download from google code.

Having not done this before, have installed Tortoise SVN and tried various addresses to SVN Checkout.

Addresses I have tried that have resulted in a (405 method not allowed)

How can I find out which address I should be using?

Also, I am logged into the site as I have a gmail with google.

(Hopefully I have found the correct WMD editor too). Thanks

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the source is using a mercurial repository not a subversion one ... install tortoise hg ( ) and then use the url provided ( ).

For new mercurial users you should read Joel's great article on


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forgot about that article completely; it's a very nice read, written to be user-friendly – Zhanger Oct 26 '11 at 2:38
This SO helped me too:… – Valamas - AUS Oct 26 '11 at 2:54

this project uses mercurial, not subversion, for version control; you're using the wrong program to download it, as tortoise svn is for subversion. You can try using tortoise hg

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I'm frankly not even sure this particular project actually uses Subversion - I couldn't tell for sure.

But assuming it does, you can answer most of your Subversion questions here:

In particular, you can do an anonymous SVN checkout like this:

You can use a Subversion client to check out a project's "trunk" code by requesting this URL:

PS: All the project page talks about is "Mercurial".

"Tortoise" supports several version control protocols: CVS, SVN ... and Mercurial:

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