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In the latest firefox, I found that, when you try to use the following code in web console:


[10:33:00.787] Use of enablePrivilege is deprecated.  
Please use code that runs with the system principal (e.g. an extension) instead.

For the firefox 3.6, I always use this way to simply test some of my XPCOM components, it's very convenient. But in the latest firefox, I found that i cannot be used anymore.

So If currently I have written a C++ XPCOM component, is there a simple way that I can try to test it besides having to write and register another test component?

Of course, any suggestion is very appreciated.

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Binary (C++) XPCOM usage is very heavily discouraged (or to put it more firmly, DEAD DEAD DEAD) in recent Firefox builds:

MDN specifies alternatives for getting binary XPCOM components, although I don't know if any are an improvement for your scenario:


Formerly binary components should now use js-ctypes:


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Thanks for the detail suggestion. Actually, I want to use the log4cplus into my self components, because it is a c++ library, so it is not very easy to use with the js-ctypes, cause the exported symbol table is "Name mangling" by the compiler. –  winterTTr Nov 8 '11 at 2:48

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