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I have this control in my WPF window;

<TextBlock Name="txtMyTextBlock"
          Text="{x:Static Resources:Strings.SOME_LABEL_IDENTIFIER}"
          Margin="10,10,10,0" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top"
          Style="{StaticResource WindowTitleStyle}" />

and when the window is loaded, I get this error in the Output Window;

Windows.Data Error: 40 : BindingExpression path error: 'Text' property not found on 'object' ''MyViewModelClass' (HashCode=7754709)'. BindingExpression:Path=Text; DataItem='MyViewModelClass' (HashCode=7754709); target element is 'TextBlock' (Name='txtMyTextBlock'); target property is 'NoTarget' (type 'Object')

As far as I can tell, the 'Text' property on the TextBlock 'txtMyTextBlock' is set to an Embedded Resource string... why am I getting binding errors here?

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in your Text="" you are binding to a static resource. this can be done, but your syntax is wrong. what you want is something like this:

   <System:String x:Key="FirstName">Jared</System:String>

<TextBox Text="{StaticResource FirstName}"/>

here is a good walk-though/tutorial

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This resource is to a .resx strings file - StaticResource bindings in that case don't work. I think my problem is actually in the style where there are some triggers. I got a bit thrown by the error. – RJ Lohan Oct 26 '11 at 5:15
that information would have been nice to know. :) – Muad'Dib Oct 26 '11 at 6:06
True. As always though, I notice my mistakes after posting my questions... apologies. – RJ Lohan Oct 27 '11 at 21:26
@RJ Lohan lol dont we all :) – Muad'Dib Oct 27 '11 at 22:47

The problem should not be in this bit of code, x:Static does not cause binding errors, i suspect that there is a failing binding in the style you applied, e.g.

<Style x:Key="WinTitleStyle" TargetType="TextBlock">
    <Setter Property="Text" Value="{Binding ThisFails}" />
<!-- ... -->
<TextBlock Name="myTB" Text="{x:Static prop:Resources.WinTitle}"
           Style="{StaticResource WinTitleStyle}"/>

Even though the style setter does not have precedence i get an error from that binding:

System.Windows.Data Error: 40 : BindingExpression path error: 'ThisFails' property not found on 'object' ''MainWindow' (Name='Window')'. BindingExpression:Path=ThisFails; DataItem='MainWindow' (Name='Window'); target element is 'TextBlock' (Name='myTB'); target property is 'Text' (type 'String')

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