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i was playing around with that tutorial and when executing:

rails generate rspec:install

i get this:

Could not find diff-lcs-1.1.3 in any of the sources
Run 'bundle install' to install missing gems.

when running bundle show:

* builder (3.0.0)
* bundler (1.1.rc)
* diff-lcs (1.1.3)
* erubis (2.7.0)
* hike (1.2.1)

and i made sure its installed.... i can find it in the system etc....

any ideas? never really looked into ruby so that might be why i am failing already, haha

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I'm not certain that this is necessarily an answer to this problem, but I had this error message and added bundle exec to the beginning of my command, which worked. –  Benjamin Manns Feb 24 '12 at 14:36

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You should run bundle install first as mentioned in the error message above

Run bundle install or bundle install --without production first

and then run rails g rspec:install

I highly recommend you check:


and run bundle install.

I also wonder if you installed RVM successfully.

If you fail to install gems, I think you should go over the previous part again.

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