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I am currently using the below IDE's. They serve their purposes but am wondering if there are better ones out there that i can switch to.

phpDesigner v6.2.5 (For PHP) Navicat 8.0.29 (For MySql) Dreamweaver CS3 (For HTML & CSS) Spket IDE (For JavaScript)

Thats my collection of production tools. Wondering if there is anyone of them i can switch to a better one.


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Aptana is a great choice for PHP,MySQL and Javascript.

As SpKET, Aptana supports a large no. of Javascript libraries from Prototype to ExtJs, I would like to mention JQuery especially, I am biased towards it. :) So you would get PHP + MySQL + Javascript together. Plus, Aptana supports Python (Pydev) as welll as Ruby On Rails (RadRails), in case you come across them in near future. Aptana is based on Eclipse and is Open Source.

But, Aptana does not provide WYSIWYG for HTML and CSS. Dreamweaver would be best for that, with all it's templates etc.

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NetBeans has decent support for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and so on, including decent debugger support for PHP. It might be worth a gander.

Then again, you have to consider; if the toolset you've got works for you, why change it? Sure, you want the best tools you can get, but realistically, if you're happy with your current suite, you're not going to want to go messing around changing things around unless some part of that suite is (or becomes) horribly deficient.

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yeah u're right. but i always have this idea that the more i explore, the more i know. thats why i want to give other IDE's a try. –  War Coder Apr 25 '09 at 23:42

Try RazorSQL. It supports MySQL, and has a programming editor with support for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

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Take a look at PhpStorm PHP/HTML/JS Editor. It supports PHP and JS debugging. Integrates with PhpUnit for testing purposes and has very smart code completion both for HTML, JS and PHP. It also supports Smarty templates and new HTML5 JS API.

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PhpStorm also support :Yii, MySql, Css, SSH, RESTFul, FTP, ...and many tools for expert web development. –  Amini Nov 6 '13 at 8:56

Navicat it's a very good IDE for MySQL but I was working very well with the original MySQL GUI tools, the real difference between Navicat and them is in the price, MySQL GUI Tools are Open Source and free.

About coding in PHP, Eclipse or NetBeans are very powerfull IDEs and both of them includes PHP plugins or extensions. They also have database navigators to connect with MySQL. And when Javascript comes to scene there is a very good plugin of SpektIDE for Eclipse.

I hope this can help you.

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