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I am following a book tutorial to create a iPhone application.

But I am stuck at the step where it say click on a certain file .xib I think to open up the interface builder. Can anyone advise me where to ind that file?

Another question is that I notice apple will add my project codes to git repository. I think this is good but how do I use git related commands in xcode?

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If the .xib file is in your project, you should be able to find it in the project explorer (press CMD-1 to open the project explorer if it is not already open); (example picture)

If it is not in your project, it may be close to the files in your project, so right-click a file in the project explorer, and select "Show in Finder". You can then hunt around for a .xib file.

If you cannot find it, it is possible that the tutorial wants you to create one, in which case CMD-N will open the "create file" dialog, and you can select the appropriate template under "user interface", all of which will create .xib files.

To commit files with git, right-click on files that you wish to commit to the repository, navigate down to "Source Control", and select "Commit Selected Files". Here is the official Apple git+xcode reference guide which you may find useful.

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