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I've got TinyMCE installed on frontend of my wordpress website…it's separate from the default Wordpress version, however, I need it to NOT turn raw URLs into anchor tags because it screws up Wordpress's ability to then oEmbed it. I have it installed on a form where users can submit articles in the frontend (not Dashboard). Is there a way to disable this? I thought convert_urls: false would to the job, but it's not meant for that. I've looked for over two hours now and cannot find a suitable answer. Thanks for the help.

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well, usually it is not such a good practice to include 2 versions of the same script .. at any rate - I do not know specifically about TinyMCE, but you can use str_replace () php function (or preg_replace() ) to repair just about anything (if it is a string ..)

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krembo99, thanks for the reply. I actually figured this out via the TinyMCE forum. It was as simply removing an option 'autolink' option from plugins parameter :) However, now I have a new issue…the editor is not working at all :( seeseemedia.com/testing-tinymce –  lexpresso Nov 4 '11 at 0:07

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