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How can I handle Asyncore.dispatcher(s) and SimpleXMLRPCServer events from the same event-loop?

P.S. I already know that some of you might recommend Twisted for this, but the problem with Twisted is that it is a little bit too high-level library for my needs. In particular I am doing UDP flow-control by overriding Asyncore.dispatcher.writable() method that depends on timers. Not sure if/how this could be doable in Twisted.

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You should use Twisted for this :-). You can't put SimpleXMLRPCServer into an asynchronous loop; it's synchronous code, which expects to block.

Flow-control with Twisted, even with UDP, is easy. Rather than overriding a method like writable(), your DatagramProtocol can call methods like stopReading / stopWriting / startReading / startWriting on their transport attribute. You can see these methods here.

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SimpleXMLRPCServer uses asynchronous IO for reading, while writing is blocking. Anyway, while Twisted seems to be high-level library it is still possible to do all the same things as in low-level asyncore. I suppose I could inherit from Twisted's FileDescriptor to get the low level IO features or use Twisted Prodcuers. The latter option even seems better solution. Thanks. –  Ansis Atteka Oct 27 '11 at 16:41

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