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What is the most performant way to implement a "reverse a string" function in Opa?

I am aware of String.reverse(). It does get the job done, but its source code is bound to some external function. I want to understand what the best (fastest) tools are for reordering a string.

So, for example, this works, but isn't particularly fast:

reverse(s:string) =
  p = parser
    | x=(.) xs=(.*) -> Text.concat(reverse(Text.to_string(xs)), x)
    | x=(.*) -> x
  Parser.parse(p, s)

How can I make this perform better?

Edit: Another Implementation Based on akoprowski's Answer

I think this is what he has in mind. This one is much faster than the parser version, but the built-in String.reverse is the way to go if all you need to do is reverse a string.

reverse_list(l:list(string)):list(string) =
  match l with
  | [x|xs] -> reverse_list(xs) ++ [x]
  | _ -> []

reverse_string(s:string) =
  string_list = List.init((i -> String.get(i, s)), String.length(s))

Edit: The Above Implementation Is Not Ideal

Check out the accepted answer for a better option.

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Why don't you want to use String.reverse? (which is the preferred way of reversing a string). Or is that just an exercise?

I'd suggest using List.init to generate a list of characters, String.get (to get n'th character of the string) and String.flatten to convert a list of characters back to a string.

That should be faster than the parsing-based approach, which btw. has quadratic complexity so no wonder it's slow.

Edit: the solution I had in mind:

reverse_string(s:string) =
  n = String.length(s)
  rev_list = List.init((i -> String.get(n - i - 1, s)), n)
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Ack. I'll avoid the parsing option. It is, in fact, just an exercise. I have more complex string operations I'd like to implement, and reversing a string is similar enough to be a good learning tool. How does the built-in String.reverse work? Is it implemented in Opa? OCaml? In the source of stdlib/core/string.opa, I get lost at reverse = %% BslString.reverse %%. –  nrw Oct 26 '11 at 10:16
I added another implementation. Is that what you were thinking? –  nrw Oct 26 '11 at 11:16
Not quite: (1) You should use List.rev for list reversal as it is linear, whereas your reverse_list is quadratic (as you're using append); plus List.rev is tail-recursive (2) Instead of reversing the list you can immediately construct it with the proper order in place; see my solution. –  akoprowski Oct 26 '11 at 12:18
I'm noticing that I like to build functions with quadratic complexity. :P Thanks for guiding me to solutions with mere linear complexity. :) –  nrw Oct 27 '11 at 4:43

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