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I have a cross platform project where the client gets the code, but doesn't want to resolve any dependencies. The requirements are best solved with a relational database, so it seems I need to copy the source of an embeddable relational database into my program and compile the library directly into the executable or as part of the project.

Is there a relational embeddable database which has a permissive license so that I can copy the source directly into the project? Which one has the smallest code base? Ideally I'm thinking of one C source file and one header that I can copy into the program and start using immediately.

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and two seconds later I find SQLite 3 amalgamation source which is basically what I described. – nurettin Oct 26 '11 at 7:08
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They have “amalgamation” source distribution which is one C source file, which can be included into a project and used right away.

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SQLite comes to mind.

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