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I want to know that , what is the use of implementing a class from BaseColumns in android.

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This is a simple interface which adds two fields :

public interface BaseColumns
     * The unique ID for a row.
     * <P>Type: INTEGER (long)</P>
    public static final String _ID = "_id";

     * The count of rows in a directory.
     * <P>Type: INTEGER</P>
    public static final String _COUNT = "_count";

Internally sqlite databases used in Android they come with a _id column that autoincrements and can function as a primary key. This also maps well with ContentProviders

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The BaseColumns interface provides names for the very common _ID and _COUNT columns.

Using common names enables the Android platform (and developers as well) to address any data item, regardless of its overall structure (i.e. other, non-ID columns) in a unified way. Defining constants for commonly used strings in an interface/class avoids repitition and typos all over the code.

Using a column named _id (the constant value of BaseColumns._ID) is required by CursorAdapter, implementations of a ContentProvider and other places where you hand off a Cursor to the Android platform to do things for you. For example, the adapter of a ListView uses the _ID column to give you the unique ID of the list item clicked in OnItemClickListener.onItemClick(), without you having to explicitly specify what your ID column is every time.

Wether or not to implement interfaces consisting only of constants or reference them with their full name, i.e. BaseColumns._ID is a matter of taste. I personally prefer the latter, because it's more obvious where _ID is coming from and the former feels like an abuse of inheritance.

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thnx so it means we do not have to fetch the id (that is primary key) of table , its autmaticaly available from BaseColumns._ID –  Shahrukh Oct 26 '11 at 9:10
You still have to fetch the ID column in your SELECT queries, BaseColumns._ID only defines the name of that ID column. –  Philipp Reichart Oct 26 '11 at 9:15
whatever is the name of primary id column is replace by BaseColumns._ID at query compilation. is it right? –  Shahrukh Oct 26 '11 at 9:29
The value of BaseColumns._ID, i.e. the string "_id", is the name of the primary ID column; the primary ID column can't have any other name if you want to use it with CusorAdapter, ContentProvider, ListView, etc. –  Philipp Reichart Oct 26 '11 at 12:04
@Maarten "Every provider can also report the number of records returned as the _COUNT column; its value is the same for all rows." from the section "What a query returns" of linuxtopia.org/online_books/android/devguide/guide/topics/… –  Philipp Reichart Dec 21 '13 at 21:48

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