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An InfoPath form inherits from the XmlFormHostItem class. I can use the XmlFormHostItem type in the VSTA 2005 event handler of a Button control. In order to reuse this code, I wish to do the same from a stand alone class library.

Details: Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.XmlFormHostItem Assembly: Microsoft.Office.InfoPath, Version=

I can reference the assembly Microsoft.Office.InfoPath (as a PIA library) from the stand alone class library, but the XmlFormHostItem type is not available.

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Solved by referencing the assembly located at

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\InfoPathOM\Microsoft.Office.Infopath.dll

it turned out there are a multiple Microsoft.Office.InfoPath assemblies exposing a partial or full InfoPath feature set.

More information on MSDN: Understanding InfoPath Object Models and Development Environment

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