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I found an example code for showing PDF file on a UIScrollView with horizontal scrolling. It works fine, but problem is it shows only 2 pages of PDF. I tried in my best to figure out the issue, but I couldn't figure it. Can you please give me help?

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When you load your PDF via the PDFContainer class, does it have the correct number of pages? – Simon Lee Oct 26 '11 at 9:09
@ Simon Lee yes, it has correct number of pages – sajaz Oct 26 '11 at 9:48

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I looked at that sample project you pointed to in this question and like you, I can see it only displays two pages of whatever PDF file it's given to display.

The problem with the sample code comes in the PDFViewController.m file. For these lines:

PDFScrollView *page = [self dequeueRecycledPage];
if (page == nil) {
    page = [[[PDFScrollView alloc] initWithPage:index + 1 frame:[self frameForPageAtIndex:index]] autorelease];

I added

else {
    [page setPage: index inFrame:[self frameForPageAtIndex: index]];

And also these new lines into PDFScrollView.h

- (void) setPage: (NSInteger) onPage inFrame:(CGRect)frame;

And PDFScrollView.m

- (void) setPage: (NSInteger) onPage inFrame:(CGRect) frame
        [pdfView removeFromSuperview];
        [pdfView release];
    self.frame = frame;
    self.index = onPage;
    pdfView = [[PDFViewTiled alloc] initWithPage:onPage frame:self.frame];
    [self addSubview:pdfView];

This isn't a perfect fix. You'll see the drawing isn't proper, especially when backing up pages. I'll leave that to you as an exercise to take care of, but hopefully this is a nice start.

And I hope it helps you out.

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thanks a lot guys, I found really useful open source example. I'll share it – sajaz Oct 31 '11 at 4:54
If you're not in the mood to rewrite the whole zoom/scrolling, I've written a (commercial) pdf component. It gets really tricky once you want it to be really fast, I spent months on this. Especially getting the CATiledLayer integration right, rotation, or the single/dual page rotation. – steipete Nov 19 '11 at 11:59

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