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Is there some shorthand in Javascript to assign a variable if it evaluates to false?

In ruby I can do this:

foo |= "bar"

Assigns "bar" to foo if foo evaluates to false so something like this: (using that |= operator)

var cars_by_brand_and_color = {};
for (var car in parking_lot) {
   // add a brand if it doesn't exist yet;
   // cars_by_brand_and_color['chevrolet'] = {};
   cars_by_brand_and_color[car['brand']] |= {};
   // and add that color to the brand if it doesn't exist yet;
   // cars_by_brand_and_color['chevrolet']['grey'] |= {}; 
   cars_by_brand_and_color[car['brand']][car['color']] |= {};
   // now let's add that car; 
   // cars_by_brand_and_color['chevrolet']['grey']['BDB-565'] = 'Mr. Smith';
   cars_by_brand_and_color[car['brand']][car['color']][car['lisence_plate']] = car['owner']
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Sure, the JS syntax is

var toAssign = mayBeNull || {};
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I knew that. But there's no shorthand? But now i have to type out the varname twice. Bad for readability if these are very long. (see example) –  NovapaX Oct 26 '11 at 8:08
No, unfortunately there's no shorthand assignment operator corresponding to || whose short-circuit-evaluation properties are leveraged when doing this. –  Gustav Carlson Oct 26 '11 at 8:12
Or is there a way to assign this: cars_by_brand_and_color[car['brand']][car['color']][car['lisence_plate']] = car['owner']; Directly, and force the creating of all the 'associative layers' if they don't exist yet? Else I just have to deal with it and start copy-pasting... not so DRY (on line level that is...) –  NovapaX Oct 26 '11 at 8:15
No, at least I can't think of any way which would avoid referencing back up to the "parent" object. –  Gustav Carlson Oct 26 '11 at 8:36

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