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I have a list of files in a folder that end with .swf.

I want to change all those files from X.swf to X<some number>.swf.

How can I do that?

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do you want to count that number up with every file or is it alway the same number? –  weberik Oct 26 '11 at 10:46

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This little script will change all *.swf files into the equivalent *_42.swf files.

@setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion
@echo off
for /f %%a in ('dir /b *.swf') do (
    set fspec=%%a
    set newfspec=!fspec:~0,-4!_42.swf
    echo ren !fspec! !newfspec!

Actually, as it stands now, it will just echo the commands that it wants to execute. Once you're happy they're correct, you can just remove the echo from that renaming line above.

It works by using for /f to get a list of all SWF files and then using string manipulation to:

  • remove the last four characters (the.swf extension); then
  • add a new _42.swf extension onto the end.

And, please, make sure you back them up first :-)

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You could use the following one-liner directly from the command prompt:

FOR %F IN (*.swf) DO RENAME "%F" "%~nF123.*"

where 123 stands for your number of choice.

Alternatively you could create a batch file and take advantage of its ability to accept parameters. Use the following script:

SET "suffix=%~1"
FOR %%F IN (*.swf) DO RENAME "%%F" "%%~nF%suffix%.*"

Now if the batch's name is renamer.bat, you can invoke it like this:

renamer.bat 2011

and it will add 2011 to the name of every .swf file in the current directory.

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Assuming <X> in your description is supposed to be constant and you don't explicitly require a batch script to solve your problem, you can use Windows Explorer as mentioned in an article by Microsoft titled "Rename a file".

Here's a an extract from said article:

"You can also rename several files at one time, which is useful for grouping related items. To do this, select the files [then press F2]. Type one name, and then each of the files will be saved with the new name and a different sequential number at the end (for example, Renamed File (2), Renamed File (3), and so on)."

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