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I am using TTLauncherView to build a view,but I don't want the delete button when the icon is wobbling,how can I remove it?

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I found the solution just now,just change something in the - (void)beginEditing method:

- (void)beginEditing {
  _editing = YES;
  _scrollView.delaysContentTouches = YES;

  UIView* prompt = [self viewWithTag:kPromptTag];
  [prompt removeFromSuperview];

  for (NSArray* buttonPage in _buttons) {
    for (TTLauncherButton* button in buttonPage) {
      button.editing = YES;
        button.closeButton.hidden = TRUE;
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This bevaviour is toggled when tapping on an icon. If you do not want the wobbling at all just override the following method:

- (void)buttonTouchedDown:(TTLauncherButton*)button withEvent:(UIEvent*)event {
    /// Do something what should happen
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Thanks for your help.I have found another one. –  Haven Lin Oct 27 '11 at 6:31

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