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my pages are base on master and content pages in asp.net with c#.
i have a timer in master page like below :

                    <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
                            <asp:Timer runat="server" ID="Timer1" Interval="10000" Enabled="False">
                            <div id="SiteStatistics">
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Count_Title" runat="server" Text="Download Count :" ToolTip="Download Count :"
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Count" runat="server" Text="<%# Download_Count() %>" CssClass="lblCountInStatistics"></asp:Label>
                                <br />
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Count_By_UserID_Title" runat="server" Text="Ur Download Count :"
                                    ToolTip="Your Download Count From The Begining Of Registration UpTo Now" CssClass="lblTitleInStatistics"></asp:Label>
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Count_By_UserID" runat="server" Text="<%# Download_Count_By_UserID() %>"
                                <br />
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Count_By_UserID_Today_Title" runat="server" Text="Ur Download Count-Today :"
                                    ToolTip="Your Download Count-Today" CssClass="lblTitleInStatistics"></asp:Label>
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Count_By_UserID_Today" runat="server" Text="<%# Download_Count_By_UserID_Today() %>"
                                <br />
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Size_By_UserID_Title" runat="server" Text="Ur Download Size :"
                                    ToolTip="Your Download Size From The Begining Of Registration UpTo Now" CssClass="lblTitleInStatistics"></asp:Label>
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Size_By_UserID" runat="server" Text="<%# Download_Size_By_UserID() %>"
                                <br />
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Size_By_UserID_Today_Title" runat="server" Text="Ur Download Size-Today :"
                                    ToolTip="Your Download Size-Today" CssClass="lblTitleInStatistics"></asp:Label>
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Size_By_UserID_Today" runat="server" Text="<%# Download_Size_By_UserID_Today() %>"
                                <br />
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Size_By_UserID_Today_Remain_Title" runat="server" Text="Ur Remain Download Size-Today :"
                                    ToolTip="Your Remain Download Size-Today" CssClass="lblTitleInStatistics"></asp:Label>
                                <asp:Label ID="lblDownload_Size_By_UserID_Today_Remain" runat="server" Text="<%# Download_Size_By_UserID_Today_Remain() %>"

this timer ticks every 10 seconds and causes callbacks -> first page_load of content page and last page_load of master page fire every 10 seconds because of that timer!
how can i recognize that timer'callback in both master and content pages and prevent running codes again and again because of callback?

thanks in advance

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Postbacks always trigger Page_Load of master and contentpage, you should handle the Timer's Tick-Event. –  Tim Schmelter Oct 26 '11 at 9:44
Or are you looking for the Page.IsCallback property? –  Olaf Oct 26 '11 at 9:45
What code are you running on every postback? Maybe you should surround it with a !Page.IsPostback()-check. –  Tim Schmelter Oct 26 '11 at 9:48
@Tim Schmelter thanks 4 comment / but tick event can not help me for recognize timer's callback in both master and content page_load / besides timer's tick is in master page, so there is no such event for content page / i want to use an if in content page_load for pervent running content page_load codes when timer ticks .... –  MoonLight Oct 26 '11 at 9:50
this is necessary for to recognize only timer's callback - not all callbacks / i think Page.IsCallback is ok / but in some callbacks i want page_load codes / –  MoonLight Oct 26 '11 at 9:53

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You have several options:

  1. Remove the timer. It seems you don't actually want it/need it.
  2. on Page_Load of both, Master and Page, enclose your code inside a if(!IsPostBack){//code}
  3. On Page_Load check Request.Params["__EVENTTARGET"] and see if it contains Timer1
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i was looking for option #3 -> that is exactly what i want ... thanks lcarus! i test it and it works. –  MoonLight Oct 26 '11 at 10:01

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