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I have an existing project, MainProject. I want to convert it to a multimodule project. In Eclipse I created a parent modul, which is just a pom modul and another modul, Modul_1.

Then I moved my MainProject in parent file directory. (Actually i did not want to move in parent folder. unfortunately to make it possible that Main_project finds the parent modul, i must do that)

Works fine.. It looks like:


Modul_1 is only needed in jenkins. It means the programmers should only care about MainProject.

How should I check in the project in SVN? With the same file structure or can i check in independently in SVN?

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Where are your poms? My experience with Eclipse is that it doesn't like hierarchical projects very much. It's easier to have a flat structure with the parent at the same level as the children, and your modules in the parent are <module>../child1</module>. But I haven't tried that recently. – ptyx Oct 26 '11 at 17:13

if the mainproject doesn't refer to ParentModule, you could layout it like this :


in parentmodule's pom.xml :


for jekins, there are 2 ways to configure job :

  1. checkout parent folder and point pom's location to ParentModule/pom.xml
  2. checkout 3 svn locations to each folder for 3 projects and point pom to ParentModule/pom.xml

for eclipse , you can checkout only MainProject.

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