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SyntaxError near “print”?

I was having a look at Python out of curiosity and downloaded the newest September 2011 release.

I then proceeded to watch some tutorials and when attempting to follow what worked for the guy in the video:

print "Hello World" 
print 'Hello World' 

I get a syntax error highlighting the ending quote mark.

I was wondering what I am doing wrong here, maybe the syntax has changed since the video?

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Hmm. Seems like it'd be more useful if it highlighted the beginning quotation mark... –  Karl Knechtel Oct 26 '11 at 10:42
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Print was changed from a statement into a function. Try calling it:

print("Hello World")
print('Hello World')

See PEP 3105 for details of why it changed.

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+1 for mentioning the PEP. –  Noufal Ibrahim Oct 26 '11 at 11:03

You probably have python 3 and are following python 2 tutorial. One of the changes is that print is a function.

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Check the version of the interpreter you're using. In Python 3+, print is no longer a statement but a function so you have to call it like so print ("Hello world").

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