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How can I check if a prepared query makes direct changes in the database?

I use SQLite which provides the sqlite3_stmt_readonly() function,

but can this be done in Qt's side, ie QSqlQuery?

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You could try:

  • QSqlQuery::numRowsAffected() which returns the number of direct changes done by the last executed query (it uses sqlite3_changes()),
  • executing the query "SELECT total_changes()" which returns the direct and indirect changes.
  • adding sqlite3.h and sqlite3.c to your project and use QSqlResult::handle to call sqlite3_stmt_readonly() yourself.
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alexisdm, I'd like to do the check before executing the query. The 3rd option is what I'd probably do, though I was not looking for an SQLite specific solution. – Nick Dandoulakis Oct 26 '11 at 15:32

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