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I have some shell command. I would like to write the output to the standard output and save it into variable as well. I'd like to solve it with one command. I have tried these things.

ls > $VAR          # redirects the output to file which name is stored in $VAR
ls | tee -a $VAR   # writes to standard output as well as in file which name is stored in $VAR
VAR=`ls`           # output into $VAR, but it is not sent to standard output
VAR=`ls`;echo $VAR # ok, it works but these are two commands

Any idea?

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How about:

VAR=$(ls | tee /dev/tty)
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It works, thanks a lot. –  Attila Zobolyak Oct 26 '11 at 12:14
Depending on your OS, var=$(ls | tee /proc/$$/fd/1) might work too. –  glenn jackman Oct 26 '11 at 12:40

great answer from @Gary_Barker, but this isn't possible on all systems.

On our teamcity there isn't a char-console. And there is another little problem.

If I use

VAR=$(ls -1); echo $VAR

it isn't the same like ls -1

My solution works, if it doesn't matter, that the output comes from error pipe.

VAR=$(ls -1 | tee >&2)

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