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i am building a simple rails app to upload my videos to youtube and display the list of my videos on my site. The problem i am facing is that, when i try to display my youtube videos on my index page, my videos are not being displayed. i used this command

     helper_method :yt_client
 def yt_client
        @yt_client ||= YouTubeIt::Client.new(:username => YouTubeITConfig.username , :password => YouTubeITConfig.password , :dev_key => YouTubeITConfig.dev_key)

an in my index page i have

<%= raw yt_client.my_videos %>

but i dont see the videos. Does anyone know the problem. thanks

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hey my friend you are very close, this cmd

<%= raw yt_client.my_videos %>

return just the object, for get the array with all videos you have to call the method videos, like this

<%= raw yt_client.my_videos.videos %>

so you can do something likle this

<% yt_client.my_videos.videos.each do |video| %>
  <%= video.title %>
<% end%>

tell me if this works for you


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