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I know that it is possible (using GCC/g++ extensions to the C language) to declare a function with the keyword _attribute_ and the weak attribute as following:
void __attribute__((weak)) foo(int j);

Is there a way to tell the compiler (g++) to compile an entire compilation unit as "weak", meaning all its global symbols in the symbol table will be considered weak when linking?

alternatively, is there a way to tell the linker (ld) to consider all the symbols of some object file/library as if they are weak?

Edit: I will try to explain my motivation for this:
I have 2 static libraries, libStatic1.a and libStatic2.a. In addition, I have many SO's (shared objects) that compile with libStatic1.a.
Up until now, libStatic1.a and libStatic2.a were independent and everything was okay. But now I changed the code of libStatic1.a so that it depands on libStatic2.a. Therefore, any SO that depands on libStatic1.a now needs to be compiled with libStatic2.a. This is undesirable to me, because users of libStatic1.a now have a weird constraint: they need to compile their code with libStatic2.a in order for the compilation/runtime to succeed/not crash. This obviously creates an unnecessary coupling and I would like to avoid it.

Therefore, I need to somehow "plant" the object code of libStatic2.a in libStatic1.a. If I would just compile libStatic1.a with all the object files of libStatic2.a (in addition to its own), it will basicly contain it but this creates another problem- If some user of libStatic1.a will decide to use libStatic2.a and will compile with it, he will get a weird "multiple definitions" error. If I could somehow tell the compiler to generate the object files of libStatic2.a with weak symbols (only for the use in libStatic1.a) this would solve the problem- no one will get multiple definitions, and no makefile of all the many SO's the use libStatic1.a will need to change.

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Are you getting symbol conflicts when linking? –  Maxim Egorushkin Oct 26 '11 at 15:06
@trojanfoe and Maxim Yegorushkin: now i finished editing my original message to explain my motivation. –  JohnnyW Oct 26 '11 at 15:38

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If your library is small, the simplest way is still to change the declarations by adding manually the __attribute__((weak)).

Another possibility might be to ask g++ to spill the assembly code (with -S) and have some (perhaps awkor ed) script work on it.

You could also code a GCC plugin (assuming your g++ is a 4.6 version) or a GCC MELT extension for that.

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thanks for your reply! i still can't vote up because of my rep... –  JohnnyW Oct 26 '11 at 15:08

No, there doesn't appear to be; are there so many weak external functions that it's not practical to set their attributes individually?

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