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I have a simple form like this:

<form id='myForm'>

    <input type='text' name='Textbox'>

    <select name='SelectBox'>
     <option class='option1'>option 1</option>
     <option class='option2'>option 2</option>


I want to capture this form's Textbox focus lost (blur) event and SelectBox change event.

I don't want to apply change event for whole form because it causing to submit form more than one time.

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Add id='SelectBox' to your select box and id='Textbox' to your text box and try the following:

function handleTextBoxBlur(event, element) {
function handleSelectBoxChange(event, element) {

document.observe("dom:loaded", function(event) {

  $("Textbox").on("blur", "input", handleTextBoxBlur);
  $("SelectBox").on("change", "select", handleSelectBoxChange);

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The key part here being the adding of the event listeners to your particular select element. Here are the prototype docs: api.prototypejs.org/dom/Event/on –  dontGoPlastic Oct 26 '11 at 15:35

$('input').focus_lost(function() { /write what Ever code need/ });

$('option').change(function() { /write what Ever code need/ });

/This is suitable only for this given form..Learn more from a link >and http://jqueryui.com//

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This code is for jQuery, not Prototype –  dontGoPlastic Oct 26 '11 at 16:20

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