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I am implementing in Ruby on Rails and I just want something easy to do, i just want to read a csv file and then show the output in a view. I have some code which seems good to me, but i always get the errror : can't convert Tempfile into String This is my controller:

def match
file = params[:file]

@original_filename = file.original_filename
tmpfile = Tempfile.new("redmine_project_importer")
if tmpfile
    tmpfilename = File.basename(tmpfile.path)
      if !$tmpfiles
        $tmpfiles = Hash.new
      $tmpfiles[tmpfilename] = tmpfile
      flash[:error] = "Cannot save import file."
 session[:importer_tmpfile] = tmpfilename
sample_count = 5
i = 0
@samples = []
FasterCSV.open(file, "r") do |row|       
        @samples[i] = row
        i += 1
        if i > sample_count

and my view is just:

<% form_tag({:action => 'result'}, {:multipart => true}) do %>

<% @samples.each do |sample| %>
<% end %>

Someone who can help me out? Greetz

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1) FasterCSV.open() requires a String filename, and you're passing a File object to it.

2) It's FasterCSV.foreach(filename) if you want to iterate lines. Or FasterCSV.open().each

But in your case, if you have an uploaded File parameter, you're better off with

FasterCSV.new(params[:file]).each do |line|

et cetera

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I've done this, I do not have an error anymore. But i still don't have any output. Just like @samples is empty, how come this? –  Ruben Oct 27 '11 at 8:53

I haven't worked with FasterCSV, but I think you should give Spreadsheet a look - http://spreadsheet.ch/

You should be able to read a csv file as simply as this:

book = Spreadsheet.open path_to_file
sheet  = book.worksheet 0

You could then iterate through the rows and perform whatever action you want:

sheet.each do |row|
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