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How to convert to PDF from my JSP/HTML file?.

I want to convert a particular part of my webpage to a PDF file. Is it possible?

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Yes. Take a good look at booth Apache FOP and iText. No matter what you use, you'll probably have to do a little fiddling.

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I used HTMLDoc a couple of years ago and had pretty good luck with it.

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try wkhtmltopdf. It is a command line utility that can be provided an html file or web address and a save location for the pdf. Very easy to use and utilizes the same rendering engine as safari. Works MUCH better than many of the other parsers that I have used (that don't always support CSS and other advanced layout features.

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Take a look at html2ps (Perl) or html2ps (PHP). However, none of the two is implemented in Java.

You might also want to read this article.

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flying saucer library is the best one to use. It works on top of itext and makes the task of conversion very easy.

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