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How do you bind resources string to Xaml in Silverlight?

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You misspelled Xaml, twice. Might wanna fix that. –  Pretzel Mar 16 '10 at 21:00

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You need to add this reference to the App.xaml


Then you need to add the string into the <Application.Resources> section

<sys:String x:Key="ResourceString">Resource String</clr:String>

Then all you need to do is refer to *{StaticResource ResourceString} for example:

<TextBlock Text="{StaticResource ResourceString}"></TextBlock>
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Been a while since this was asked and answered, I just wanted to add an additional answer as the first one is not entirely correct. I think he's asking for resources, aka. text written in .resx files. It doesn't make sense at all to add individual strings into the StaticResources collection in the application.

I blogged recently on how to simplify the way you work with resources in Silverlight, enabling both automatic update when the culture changes and a dependency property which gives you simpler syntax.


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