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I can type text into a field using WebElement.sendKeys() but editing doesn't work: I can neither move the cursor nor delete the last character that I typed with e.sendKeys( Keys.BACK_SPACE )

How do I modify the value of a text field in Selenium 2 (WebDriver)?

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You can definitely do that by either of the two methods. I have tried and it works.

e.click()   # Positions the cursor at the end of the string
e.sendKeys(Keys.BACK_SPACE )

Or you could simply clear the text, and start over again:

e.sendKeys("What you want to send")
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I found this solution that seems to work pretty well. It basically clicks on the text field WebElement, then sends Ctrl-End to put the cursor at the end of the text. Then sends the string that I had previously initialized.

(quickReplyTextArea is a text field WebElement that I have previous found, as is postQuickReplyButton (button instead of text field, obviously). replyText is a String that I initialized earlier)

    quickReplyTextArea.sendKeys(Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, Keys.END));
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You can try clicking first into that text box, and use sendKeys() afterwards.

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Has no effect, either. This makes sense since I send the keys directly to the WebElement (and not to the page/browser/parent element). –  Aaron Digulla Oct 26 '11 at 12:56

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