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I often delete, yank, and paste using something like this:


Since Vim 7, I've switched to using relative line numbers. I find it's much easier to use relative line numbering with commands like h,j,k,l etc.

Since switching to relative line numbering, I find it difficult to operate on absolute ranges (eg. :3,6y). It takes me too long to determine what absolute line numbers I need to select since Vim is displaying relative line numbers.

What is the best/quickest way to use visual selection on a range if your setup is displaying relative line numbering? Naively, I'm looking for something like:


(yank the lines from 2 lines above my current position to 
8 lines below my current position.)
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Sorry, but how exactly you delete, yank and paste in visual mode by using something like this: :v 3,6y? I can't understand how this command relates to visual mode. – sidyll Oct 26 '11 at 15:42
Opps, I did not intend for this question to be phrased for visual mode. I've edited it so that it should now be correct. Thanks. – drbunsen Oct 26 '11 at 15:54
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Did you try your naive thing?

:-2,+8y is equivalent to :.-2,.+8y and should do what you want.

Note that if you don't specify a number, 1 is assumed, so: :,+y means .,.+1 y: yank current and next line.

On :help range it is not well explained. The relevant parts are here:

Line numbers may be specified with:     *:range* *E14* *{address}*
    .       the current line              *:.*
Each may be followed (several times) by '+' or '-' and an optional number.
This number is added or subtracted from the preceding line number.  If the
number is omitted, 1 is used.

What the doc does not tell is that if the + r - is not preceded with anything, . is assumed.

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Thanks, this is precisely what I was looking for. I did not understand the use of the period from the docs and I was getting a Backwards range given, OK to swap (y/n) when using negative numbers. – drbunsen Oct 26 '11 at 18:14

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