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I have a lot of SQL scripts whith DDL and DML statements.

I want to segregate and extract modified/created/dropped SQL objects. I. e., i have a script:

  create proc [dbo].test
     print 1

  drop table test_table

  alter procedure dbo.test
     print 2

I have to get created/changed/dropped SQL objects, e. g. like the following:

  • proc dbo.test - create

  • table test_table - drop

  • proc dbo.test - alter

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I assume SQL Server? – Brad Christie Oct 26 '11 at 13:40

I am not sure from the question that where will you be using the regex but try this:

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To parse arbitrary sql server stored procedures, you're far better off with a SQL parser. Trying to parse arbitrary SQL with regexes will amount to writing your own parser.

With the help of a full SQL Parser, demo from this page generates result like this which is exactly what you need:

sstMssqlCreateProcedure(proc: [dbo].test - create)
sstMssqlDropTabletable: test_table - drop
sstMssqlAlterProcedure(proc: dbo.test - alter)
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