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Is there an equivalent to gdk_window_ensure_native in PyGtk? I need it to unbreak drawing OpenGl to widget in Gtk >= 2.18.

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Yes, there is:

>>> import gtk
>>> w = gtk.Window()
>>> w.show_all()
>>> gw = w.get_window()
>>> gw
<gtk.gdk.Window object at 0xa31e824 (GdkWindow at 0xa38ea28)>
>>> gw.ensure_native()
>>> gw.has_native()

Alternatively, You may try setting environmental variable GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1

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You can get the gtk.gdk.Window of a widget/window using gtk.Widget.get_window(), and then use undocumented gtk.gdk.Window.ensure_native(), e.g.: my_widget.get_window().ensure_native(). Works at least with pygtk2-2.17.0 I have available at hand.

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