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I've tried to extend the RequiredAttribute to make some localizations. I wrote this:

public class LocalizedRequiredAttribute : RequiredAttribute

    public LocalizedRequiredAttribute(string errorMessageResourceName)
        this.ErrorMessageResourceName = string.IsNullOrEmpty(errorMessageResourceName) ? "Required_ValidationError" : errorMessageResourceName;
        ErrorMessageResourceType = typeof(bop.Core.Resources.Label);

At the client side no validation message is rendered. What is wrong? Thanks for help. Luca

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In your followup comment, you specified that clientside validation wasn't working. It looks like you asked this same question here, but for the sake of StackOverflow, I will provide the answer.

The LocalizedRequiredAttribute class must also implement IClientValidatable to get clientside validation to work:

using System.Web.Mvc;
public class LocalizedRequiredAttribute : RequiredAttribute, IClientValidatable
    // your previous code

    public IEnumerable<ModelClientValidationRule> GetClientValidationRules(ModelMetadata metadata, ControllerContext context)
        yield return new ModelClientValidationRule
            // format the error message to include the property's display name.
            ErrorMessage = FormatErrorMessage(metadata.DisplayName),

            // uses the required validation type.
            ValidationType = "required"
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Take a look at this and this posts by Darin Dimitrov.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Darin, thanks for links. I've tried your code: ` public class LocalizedRequiredAttribute : RequiredAttribute { public LocalizedRequiredAttribute(string resourceTag) { ErrorMessage = GetMessageFromResource(resourceTag); } private static String GetMessageFromResource(String resourceTag) { return ResourceManager.Current.GetResourceString(resourceTag); } } ` but I get an error in "ResourceManager.Current". –  Luca Toffoli Oct 26 '11 at 14:47
I resolved in part. Now the LocalizedAttribute validates only server side, and not client side... but if I use the base Attribute work fine in my client. Any idea? Thanks. Luca –  Luca Toffoli Oct 26 '11 at 16:23

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