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I have a custom event handler bound via .delegate to an element in my DOM.

This event is called update.cui and triggers an "update" of an AJAX element(that is, refresh your data from the server).

I call this custom event by using $("#my_element").trigger('update.cui');

I have two places where the exact same trigger code is used to trigger the event. In one of those places, the trigger call works, but in the other, the event handler doesn't get triggered.

If I run the .trigger('update.cui') in the Chrome Javascript Console or Firebug, the same thing happens -- the event handler doesn't run, even though it DOES run when I run the exact same .trigger('update.cui') in one location of my code.

The weird thing is that I can then delegate yet another handler to update.cui on that same DOM element, and it will get fired if I manually trigger it in the console.

I've verified that the same element is being used everywhere(by hardcoding the selector and running the selector in the console and seeing only one element returned), so it is very confusing that it seems like there are two event handlers bound to the same event on the same element.

edit: OK, here's some code... it's hard to show because there's so much of it but here's the important parts:

Delegating the event(I used a selector based on body and ID here just to ensure I was getting the right element, in the "final" version this selector will not be ID-based):

$("body").delegate("#cc_list", "update.cui", function(e) {
    console.log("I made it in here");

Triggering the event(this one works):

var target = modules.find('form').attr('success-update-target');
if(target && $(target)){
    // next line would normally be $(target).trigger('update.cui');
    // but i'm doing it by ID for now for testing

Triggering the event 2(this one does NOT work):

    'cache': false,
    'url': "/cui_methods/ajax/model/CreditCard_Model/default",
    'data': {
        'idParam': el.closest('tr').attr('id').replace('cui_datatables_tr_', ''),   
    'success': function(data){
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show some code? –  zzzzBov Oct 26 '11 at 14:10
added code samples to the question, not sure if they'll be helpful or not. –  ashgromnies Oct 26 '11 at 14:40

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