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I'm trying to convert the "bonusStr" variable into a double, so it can be used in the calculation. However when trying to compile I get the error "variable bonusStr might not have been initialized". I know that this is a really newbie question, but any help given will be appreciated.

Many thanks!

Wasn't expecting so many responses in a few minutes - I've resolved the issue. Thank you to all. :-)

import static javax.swing.JOptionPane.*;
import java.text.DecimalFormat;

class Question3 {

public static void main(String[] args) {

    String intrestRateStr = showInputDialog("What is the interest rate?");    
        int intrestRate = Integer.parseInt(intrestRateStr);

    String depositStr = showInputDialog("How much will you deposit?"); 
        double depositAmount = Double.parseDouble(depositStr);

   DecimalFormat pounds = new DecimalFormat("£###,##0.00");

   double amountInterest = calcAmount(intrestRate, depositAmount); 

   String bonusStr;
          double bonus = Double.parseDouble(bonusStr);

   if (amountInterest >= 5000.00)
       bonus = (+100.00);
   else if (amountInterest >= 1000.00)
       bonus = (+50.00);

   double finalAmountInterestBonus = bonus + amountInterest;

            "Your savings will become " + pounds.format(finalAmountInterestBonus));

private static double calcAmount(int intRate, double depAmount) {
    double result = depAmount*(1.0 + intRate/100.0);
    return result;
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String bonusStr;
double bonus = Double.parseDouble(bonusStr);

As the error states bonusStr is not initialized (you did not affect a value to it), so you should not use it inside Double.parseDouble until it has a value.

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   String bonusStr;
          double bonus = Double.parseDouble(bonusStr);

You never set a value to bonusStr - by default it is going to be null. You are using it before giving it a value. Try :

String bonusStr = "0";

It's a good idea to give it a default value, say 0 or something can help you diagnose that you have forgotten to give a proper value.

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Your program will raise a NumberFormatException. You do a parseDouble of a string that has no value. You have to set the bonusStr with a value before doing a parseDouble on it.

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