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I've just gone through the web searching how to get system proxy settings. I've found:

System.setProperty("", "true");

but it does nothing. I have a proxy settings in my corpo network but the code that shows the proxy list:

ProxySelector.getDefault().select(new URI("http://foo/bar"))) 

says it's only one proxy "DIRECT". I don't want to provide the proxy settings by hand when it's already done. Is there a way to make JVM to provide proxy settings from OS/browser to the Java program (not applet)?

Ok,I think I got it: my browser proxy is set up by some script, defined in:

Internet Properties/Connections/LAN Settings/Use automatic configuration script

Probably, that's why Java cannot list proxy properly, even it's used in the browser. Sad, that JVM cannot parse the script and provide these settings...

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Note that some browsers do not set system-wide proxy – ring bearer Oct 26 '11 at 14:33
Except for IE on Windows. – Stellarator Nov 10 '11 at 3:15

You have to set the property: System.setProperty("", "true"); in the main method, otherwise it get no effect, then call the getDefault() as you described.

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