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I'm trying to verify if there is a remote url with following code:

endpoint_uri = URI.parse(@endpoint.url)
endpoint_http =, endpoint_uri.port)
endpoint_request =
endpoint_response = endpoint_http.request(endpoint_request)

I'm still getting 405 Method not allowed. When I use Get instead Head in I'm getting 200 Success but also with whole remote document in response what results in bigger response time (0.3s => 0.9s).

Any ideas why this is happening? Thx

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There's a chance that the @endpoint url you're trying to interact with doesn't support HEAD requests (which would be really weird, but still may be the case). Your code works fine for me with a handful of urls (,, etc.)

Have you tried a curl request to see what it returns?

curl -I
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it's weird like you said but see what it returns curl -I 405 Method not allowed. Anyway thanks for command curl and answer – Mr Black Oct 26 '11 at 14:49

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