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One of the 15 or so JavaScript files I'm combining using the Google Closure Compiler contains the tag @license WTFPL in one of its comments.

As a result, the Closure Compiler labels our entire set of JavaScript as if it were all licensed under WTFPL.

Obviously this is undesirable - even if just because we can't relicense much of this code under WTFPL. How can I turn this off?

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I've found re-running the closure compiler on the compiled output will get rid of the comment block containing the license.

Not sure if this would be desired in your case, but in mine (minifying a set of jQuery Tools scripts) it worked well and I didn't need any other manipulation.

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There is nothing built in that will do that. Your options are:

  • change the @licence tag to something else
  • change the comment type from jsdoc to a standard comment
  • modify the compiler source
  • preprocess the source (replacing "@license" with "_license" would be reasonable)
  • postprocess the output (removing the problematic license text)
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Postprocess the output seems to be the most realistic option, since I don't want to modify third-party files to ease updating them to newer versions. –  romkyns Nov 5 '11 at 15:18
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