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I have a file in folder/anotherFolder/file.php

I want to add, commit and push, what is the process can someone show me a sample command for pushing file.php to a remote repository?

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$ git add folder/anotherFolder/file.php
$ git commit [-m'your message here']
$ git push

or, if there are no working copy changes you don't want to commit, just:

$ git commit -am'your message here'
$ git push
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They indicate part of the command line is optional. That is, you can omit the -m'message' bit, and git will just start an editor so you can type your message there. –  Useless Oct 26 '11 at 15:20
git init
git add folder/anotherFolder/file.php
git commit -am "your commit message"
git remote add origin <the_url_remote_repository>
git push -u origin master

Where the_url_remote_repository is something like that (example for github) :

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