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I've created some FB actions for my application. But all actions are in english by default ...

I want to publish actions in timeline for french people, so i tried to user the link : "Translate your app" (right collumn in Apps config page) []

But this functionnality doesn't work, i can't find ( French (France), there is only "French (Canada)" ) And if i use French Canada, my test users still have action in english.

So my question is : how to translate my apps ?


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Anyone have a solution ? It's a huge bug, we can't have a FB apps with new open graph features in France !!!! – MLKiiwy Dec 16 '11 at 15:09

French (Canada) is very close to French (France), only a few obscure differences.

If you still get english words by translating to French (Canada), then the translation fails.

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French (France) is the option right under French (Canada) in the Translations module, mon ami :)

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