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I think this is a easy question:

I have a form that when it's submited goes to another php file(file-list-php).

The file-list.php has the follwing code

    mysql_select_db($db_name, $connection);



the first two lines is used in other files without any error. So my problem it's in the third line, because it is never accessed. I put a script to alert when it accessed. like this





and the alert is never displayed.

What I'm doing wrong


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are you sure it is called 'fodler'? Maybe just a simple typo? –  Guven Oct 26 '11 at 16:12
btw, if you include a file, if it is not exist or found, you only get php warning. if you require (it means you really need it) a file, if it is not exist or found, you get fatal error and it will halt the script. –  onatm Oct 26 '11 at 16:28
yes. the fodler name it was wrong. Dam'it. I really need to sleep more and study less. Thanks a lot –  peterK Oct 26 '11 at 23:05
:) Nice. In that case, can you answer your question so that the question no longer remains as unanswered? –  Guven Oct 27 '11 at 3:15

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The problem was in the name of the file that I was including. It's uploadFolder and not uploadFodler :( Thanks Guven

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