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I have a script that I'm trying to add a HREF url in the events click function ::: When a button is clicked the script is supposed to initiate the MilkBox (lightbox) ::: My Javascript is very limited but I was able to add the "HREF url" to the title attribute as you can see below (to test), as I have it below it works good, but when I move the '+fullurl+' to the HREF it fails. It then is unable to load the url ::: The lightbox initiates with an empty URL :::


    "mouseover:relay(div.tile)": function() {
        var play = this.retrieve("play");
        if (!play) {
            play = new Element("div", {
                styles: {
                    position: "absolute",
                    marginTop: 120,
                    marginLeft: 120,
                    width: 32,
                    height: 32
                "title": "Click to play",
                "class": "cur hide",
                    events: {
                        click: function() {
                            var tubeObject = this.getParent().retrieve("tubeObject");
                            var tubeObject = this.getParent().retrieve("tubeObject")
                            var fullurl = tubeObject.full;

                html: "<img src='' />"
            }).inject(this, "top");
  "play", play);
    "mouseout:relay(div.tile)": function() {

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put it as answer and mark it as accepted, so this question will be marked as 'resolved' ;) – stecb Oct 27 '11 at 10:32

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I was able to resolve the issue ::: Its my (custom) TimThumb function that caused it not to work ::: Bottom line the script works :::

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