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When using Grouping with group.truncate=true, The following simple facet query:

facet.query=Monitor_id:[380000 TO 400000]

Doesn't give the same number as the nGroups result for the equivalent filter query:

fq=Monitor_id:[380000 TO 400000]

I thought they should be the same - from the Wiki page:

group.truncate: If true, facet counts are based on the most relevant document of each group matching the query.

What am I doing wrong?

If I turn off group.truncate then the counts are the same, as I'd expect - but unfortunately I'm only interested in the grouped results.


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According to the solr-user mailing list, this is a bug in Solr. I have logged it here: Question is now: can anyone think of a workaround for this issue? – Ian Grainger Oct 28 '11 at 11:59
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This is not a bug, but a missing feature as has been described in SOLR-2863. As described in the issue Lucene needs to support matrix grouped facet counts. This feature can be tracked in LUCENE-3097.

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