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What is the C# LINQ equivalent to the SQL MIN function?

I would like to convert the following SQL to LINQ:

Select MIN(dbo.Orders.OrderTimestamp) as MinimumTimeStamp From dbo.Orders;



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This should suffice:

var MinimumTimeStamp = Orders.Select(order => order.OrderTimeStamp)

Just noticed the Linq to SQL tag -

var MinimumTimeStamp = DataContext.Orders.Select(order => order.OrderTimeStamp)
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FYI: this is mixing query expression syntax with fluent syntax into a result that simply won't compile. For query expression, it would be = (from o in db.Orders select o.OrderTimeStamp).Min(); See Darin's answer for an appropriate fluent syntax version. – Anthony Pegram Oct 26 '11 at 16:44
@AnthonyPegram - shows just how much I lean on VS when not paying attention. – Peter LaComb Jr. Oct 26 '11 at 16:52

There's a Min function. So maybe something along the lines of:

var min = db.Orders.Min(x => x.OrderTimestamp);
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On a collection, you can use .Min() which is an extension method in the System.Linq namespace.

If IntelliSense isn't providing this to you then you need to add a using System.Linq; statement to your file.

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