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HI i have created a content type call "mycontent"

it has 2 fields

Label: MyText , Name: mytext , type: Text Label: MyImage , Name: myimage , type: Image

All good so far, I have create a custom theme and inside this i have included


my quesiton is, how do i get at the variables.

I wish to $mytext

I can render global variables ie $content

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you might mention that you are using cck, imagefield, filefield (or whateever you are using).

cck automatically adds template variables for custom fields. they are accessible via $field_<field-name>, eg. $field_mytext and $field_myimage. do a var_dump($variables) or var_dump($field_myimage) etc. in you node-mycontent.tpl.php to see how these variables are structured.

cck for themers might also be of help.

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Cool, i'm up and running. thanks :) – frosty Apr 26 '09 at 16:44

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