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i have a repository of my home config files -

I noticed that my vim configuration is getting bigger and bigger (90% of commits is only related to vim) so I want to trow it to separate repository.

The problem is that since i'm using home-config repository at my actual home folder vimrc file is also in same place. If I would include subrepo to Vim configuration (folder .vim) I couldn't commit .vimrc file to that sub-repository.

So I want to know if there is a way to simply write import file_path_to_other_config and hold exact configuration in .vim folder

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You could use the source command in your vimrc:

source file_path_to_other_config

Here is the vim help page on source:

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I had a similar thought some while ago and came up with quite a simple solution. I have a ~/.vim/Makefile which reads like this:

$(HOME)/.vimrc: Makefile vimrc.tmpl
    @cat vimrc.tmpl | sed 's\@@HOME@@\$(HOME)\g' > $(HOME)/.vimrc

With .vim/vimrc.tmpl being:

let $VIM = '@@HOME@@/.vim'

let $VIMRC = $VIM.'/custom.vimrc'

if filereadable($VIMRC)
  source $VIMRC

I have everything in an extra git repository and when I work in a new system, I only have to clone the repository and call make inside ~/.vim.

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