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I am trying out Spine.js and want to configure it to interact with my app on server side. Here is the code:

var Album = Spine.Model.sub();
Album.configure("Album", "public");

The last line causes this error:

uncaught exception: extend(obj) requires obj

What is the problem here? It's a code from the tutorial, except they use Task and I use Album.

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Have you included the ajax.js file from spine? It seems to me that Spine.Model.Ajax is not an object.

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Yeah, you are right. For some reason I thought spine.js contained all the libraries in itself that were described in the documentation. – Sergei Basharov Oct 26 '11 at 18:59

For clarity. What I had to do to resolve this issue was add 'spine/lib/ajax' to slug.json under the modules list and require('spine/lib/ajax') in

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