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I need to know how to override shiro unauthorized page. i.e. when a user does not have some permission for a protected url, shiro return page 401. how we can make it forward user to a pre-defined unauthorized page?


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I found only one way, how to change redirection to login.jsp to response with 401.

You should create your own Filter, which will extend org.apache.shiro.web.filter.authc.FormAuthenticationFilter, and override saveRequestAndRedirectToLogin() method.

public class SecurityAuthenticationFilter extends FormAuthenticationFilter {

    protected void saveRequestAndRedirectToLogin(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response) throws IOException {

    protected void sendChallenge(ServletResponse response) {
        HttpServletResponse httpResponse = WebUtils.toHttp(response);


I use Guice + Shiro integration. So, this filter is added same way as in the org.apache.shiro.guice.web.ShiroWebModule.

public class SecurityModule extends ShiroWebModule {

    public static final Key<SecurityAuthenticationFilter> AUTHC_REST = Key.get(SecurityAuthenticationFilter.class);


    protected void configureShiroWeb() {

        // Add as filter
        addFilterChain("/rest/login", ANON);
        addFilterChain("/rest/**", AUTHC_REST);


For shiro.ini file it should be added in following way:

authc = package.path.to.SecurityAuthenticationFilter

/rest/login = anon
/rest/** = authc

This should work :)

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Thanks dude... this solved my problem. +1 –  Alexandre Nov 9 '14 at 1:25

Not sure which technology stack you're using, but in a Java webapp you can configure this in the web.xml within the tag.

  <location>{path to custom page}</location>
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:) I need the other way around, I'd like to get a 401 instead of a redirect (302). What is your current setup? Can you configure this from shiro.ini file?

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