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My view controllers are structured like this:

> UIWindow 
> - RootViewController with UIScrollView (2 pages, pagingEnabled)
> -- UINavigationController (in the first page of the scrolling view)
> --- HomePageViewController (plus other ViewControllers pushed on the stack)  
> -- MinutiaViewController (second page)

UIScrollView holds the UInavigationController as a subview [scrollView addSubview:navController.view];

In my scenario I want to:

  • disable UIScrollView scrolling (scrollEnable=NO) once a new view is pushed onto the UINavigationViewController
  • enable UIScrollView again (scrollEnable=YES) once the new view is popped and the UINavigationController shows its root again (HomePageViewController)

I figured out how to disable the scrollView scrolling when pushing a new view.

But cannot figure out how to enable the scrollView scrolling when the new view pops off the stack.

So far I tried

1 triggering viewWillAppear; viewWillDisappear; manually and sending a message to UIScrollView from HomePageViewController's viewWillAppear e.g.

    [self.navigationController.parentViewController performSelector:@selector(enableScrollAgain)];  

2 designated the RootViewController as a UINavigationController delegate to handle its events

None seems to work so far. All advice appreciated!

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Have you tried using Notifications ? You could add the RootView to observe a notification form the navigation controller, when you get that notification you can disable scrolling. Look into NotificationCenter.

Hope this helps

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