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I have a make file that uses the -MMD -MP options when invoking g++. This creates the .d dependency files that look something like this:

blah.o: header1.h header2.h

Now, I'm trying to add precompiled header support, and would like to have a rule similar to:

$(OUT_DIR)/%.h.pch: $(SRC_DIR)/%.h
    g++ -c $< -o $@

and then I'd like the .d files to look like this:

blah.o: header1.h.pch header2.h.pch

That way the .o files are dependent on the precompiled headers, and the precompiled headers depend on the headers. That way I can be sure that any precompiled headers are created BEFORE the dependent .cpp file is compiled. My problem is I can't figure out a way to have g++ create dependency files that have the *.pch extensions. Everything I try always produces the typical .h extensions. Anybody have any ideas?

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How about adding a command

sed -e 's/.h /.h.pch /g' -e 's/.h$/.h.pch/' $*.d > $*.dd

(You can modify foo.d in place if you prefer.)

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I, in fact, did this as a "temporary solution". However, it may end up being a more permanent solution. – user545226 Oct 27 '11 at 13:29

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